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Monday, February 19, 2007

Yahoo blames it on subcontractors when caught on plagiarism

Finally Yahoo! India (someone at customer care, not an official) responded to our many emails stating:

The Malayalam story was provided to us by (the content provider) on the express representation that they are duly authorized by the author of the story to publish it. In the circumstances therefore, we do not admit of any copyright violation, as alleged by you.

Although there is no copyright violation and without prejudice to our rights, the said story has been removed from our web site, to avoid any further controversy.Should you have any further concerns on copyright violations, please write in to and it will be addressed by the webdunia team.

Yahoo even denies that there was any copyright violation, even when they instantly removed it from their servers when caught. If there was no copyright violation, why would anyone care to remove it? Or are they claiming blogs do not have copyright laws?

Yahoo! India and their subcontractors are their concern, not us bloggers. By asking us to contact subcontractors is nothing but pure arrogance from this multinational corporation, giving no respect to the law and procedures existing in a country.

The content appeared on Yahoo‘s domain, not on’s domain.
The content appeared on Yahoo’s portal, not on’s portal.

Our aim is to get a response from Yahoo, acknowledging their mistake. Our fight will continue until then.

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